Our massages are all therapeutic and pressure is customized to your preference.  Massages include aromatherapy diffused in your room and added to your face cradle, a warm neck treatment and hot towel treatments. 

Swedish/pRENATAL Massage

The goal of this type of massage is relaxation.  It is common to fall asleep during this massage.  On a scale of 1-10, Swedish massage pressure is between a 1-5.

60min. $86     Couples $169

90min. $129    Couples $258

Therapeutic or Deep Tissue Massage

The goal of this type of massage is to address the deeper layers of muscle.  In this type of massage, the therapist uses techniques to penetrate deeper into the muscle tissue.

60min. $98      Couples $196

90min. $147    Couples $294

Hot Stone Massage

The goal of this type of massage is to warm the tissue.  The pressure is the same as a Swedish massage.

60min. $109     Couples $218

90min. $163   Couples $326

Specific Treatment Massage

The goal of this type of massage is to treat an area of pain or tension.  Both Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques are used to promote healing.

30min. $45     60min. $86     90min. $129


All of our facials include lavendar infused hot towels and a multi-step process taylored to meet your personalized skin care needs.

We use the goPure Skin Care Line for our facials. goPure is a revolutionary skin care line developed with one goal in mind- exceptional skin care results based on the most potent active ingredients and botanical extracts.  These products are made with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Shea Butter, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Argan Oil & Rosehip Oil to name a few.  No Parabens, No Artifical fragrances, No Propylene Gycol, No Hydroquinone, No Formaldehyde and No Dyes Ever.

Customized Face OR Back 50min. $86

Customized Face AND Back 90min. $172

Deep Clean Express Facial 20min. $52                   (extractions are not done with this facial)

Galvantic Facial 60min. $98

This type of facial is excellent for both anti-aging and acne prone skin.  You will get the best results when you book multiple sessions.  Please see our package pricing for the best value.  In addition, we sell this system in our spa and your technician will teach you how to use it at home if you wish to purchase the system for home use.

This facial uses direct galvantic electrical current to introduce water soluable substances to the skin's surface to improve moisture retention and absorbtion. It is not painful and is considered a non-surgical facelift because it smoothes out wrinkles, tightens muscle and increases blood circulation.  It is great for acne prone skin too.  The galvantic procedure is done first then a customized facial is performed.  Your skin will be radiant.


Spa Treatments

Body Polishes

Body polishes remove the dead skin layers to expose fresh new skin.  Organic sugar, coconut oil and essential oils exfoliate your skin for a gentle and renewing skin treatment.  You will finish this experience with the Aromatherapy Steam Shower.

60MIN Full Body $86

10MIN Hands OR Feet $25

20MIN Both Hands AND Feet $50

lAVENDER Body Wrap

We recommend a Body Polish or Dry Brushing before this treatment to prepare the skin.  However, it is not required.  The mud mask is a deep skin cleanser and detoxifier.  Lavender essential oil is the best oil for healing skin conditions. We cover your body in a therapeutic mixture of bentonite clay, aloe vera and pure lavender essential oil.  Then wrap you in a warming blanket.  Last, enjoy an aromatherapy steam shower to rinse away the mud.

Your skin will look and feel amazing.

60MIN $86

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is warmed and applied to either hands or feet or both.  This treatment soothes and moisturizes the driest of skin.  It feels wonderful to those suffering with arthritis.  This wax removes from the skin easily (it is not like wax used to remove hair.)  This treatment is a beneficial enhancement to any service.

Hands or Feet $25

Both Hands & Feet $50

Scalp and Hair Treatment

We begin by wetting your hair with lavender water.  Then, warmed nourishing oils are applied to your hair and your scalp is massaged.  Add this treatment to your massage or spa treatment and your hair will be soft and silky. 


Body Dry Brushing

Dry brushing helps detoxify the body by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. It also stimulates your nervous system, which can make you feel invigorated afterward.  Add this treatment to your massage or spa treatment for a therapeutic experience.



Add this to any service.  Relax with a warm lavender scented eye mask as you drift away during your massage, facial or body treatment.


* Body Polish & Lavender Mud Wrap- $173

* Body Polish, Lavender Mud Wrap & 30min. Swedish Massage- $218

* Body Polish, Lavender Mud Wrap & 60min. Swedish Massage- $259

* Custom Facial & 30min. Swedish Massage- $138

* Custom Facial & 60min. Swedish Massage- $173

* Body Polish, Lavender Mud Wrap & Custom Facial- $259

* Body Polish, Lavender Mud Wrap, 30min. Swedish Massage & Custom Facial- $304

* Body Polish, Lavender Wrap, 60min. Swedish Massage & Custom Facial- $345

* Sweetheart Package- Add chocolates, roses and complimentary champagne or sparkling juice to any service.

$30 per couple

$15 per person

Create Your Own Package

Combine any of our serices into the spa experience of your dreams.

Massage/Facial Packages-LOCALS SPECIAL

LOCALS ONLY- ID will be requested in order to purchase these packages that are 20% off.  They can be shared with family and friends.

Package of 4 60min. Swedish Massages/Facials- $280

Package of 4 90min. Swedish Massages- $420

Package of 8 60min. Swedish Massages/Facials- $560

Package of 8 90 min. Swedish Massages- $840

Package of 4 60min. Deep Tissue Massages/ Galvantic Facials- $316

Package of 4 90min. Deep Tissue Massages- $476

Package of 8 60min. Deep Tissue Massages/Galvantic Facials- $632

Package of 8 90min. Deep Tissue Massages- $952

Enjoy ONE of the following per month:

60min Swedish/Therapeutic Massage, Custom Facial, Body Polish OR Body Wrap per month with our monthly loyalty membership program for only $70.00 per month!  In addition, receive 20% off our regularly priced services with your membership. 

All Military and First Responders (law enforcement, EMT and etc.) will receive a free deep tissue upgrade OR muscle soother upgrade with their massage. 

You will be automatically billed once per month and unused services will roll over and never expire.  You can cancel your membership at any time.

locals Membership Program



Our Himalayan Salt Hot Stone Massage gently exfoliates the skin, making the skin feel smooth and soft.  These stones contain 84 naturally occurring minerals and give off negative ions and may help promote healthy benefits such as relieving anxiety and improve circulation.

60min $109

90min $163


A 24hr advance notice is required to cancel an appointment.  Otherwise, you will be charged 50% of your scheduled services.  Appointments begin and end on time.  If you are late for your appointment, you will be given the remainder of time alloted for the appointment and you will be charged for the service as it was originally scheduled.

Relax in our 2-person steam shower.  This 30min service includes a shower bomb, aromatherapy body wash, shampoo and conditioner.  The shower functions with both steam and several shower options.  There are 2 seats with back jets, a rain drop shower head, foot massager and a hand held shower.      


nail services

We recommend Emerald Nails.  They are located 4 doors down from us in our plaza.  Call them at (850)842-2243 to make an appointment. They are open from 9-6pm Monday-Saturday.


To honor those those put themselves on the line for the rest of us, we offer a 10% discount on all full priced services.  Thank you for your service!